The Real Secret of IT Jobs Success

IT Job Secrets
There's no doubt that every IT Job Seeker starts out with a whole lot of questions, especially at the beginning of the IT Jobs process. The problem is, without the right answers, most Career Changers throw up their hands and just give up. Luckily for you, here are the top 7 IT Jobs Secrets every IT Job Seeker needs to know so you can find the success you're looking for.
Secret #1: Career titles come in multiple variations
Unless you know the job titles variations created you will miss out on IT Job opportunities. 
Upon analysis of 6 job websites and 60,000 keyword phrases, over 1500 unique IT Roles names were identified.
Begin your job search with your suitable IT Roles list including synonyms and variations. 
Secret #2: IT Job names are growing fast
Back in 2013 my analysis of Elance showed 200 IT unique role names. 
In 2019 this has grown to 1500+. 
Look out for location names and software names within IT Role names. 
Secret #3: IT Jobs can be performed remotely
New websites like Upwork, Freelancer and Fiverr now specifically cater for remote tasks, contracts or projects.
Project data can be shared with email, Google Drive folders, Microsoft One Drive folder, software on GitHub & projects on Basecamp HQ.
Large data can be held by cloud computing like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Compute. Support for these is remote.
Websites can be deployed and managed globally. Content can be sourced globally. 
Secret #4: Some IT Jobs can be done from home
Working from home is the top desire based on search traffic. 
This can be in the form of a freelancer, tele-work, virtual team, virtual project, digital services industry.
Many roles can be performed with a computer and internet connection. 
Virtual machines can be used to access company headquarter computer systems.
VOIP telephony can provide business extension from home using your computer or smartphone. 
Secret #5: IT clients can be global
Regular IT services can be provided to global clients.
Upwork has provision to create defined IT services for set costs. 
You can market IT services from your own website instead.
Digital Forms can be used to take work requests 24/7 if required.
Secret #6: The IT industry is growing
In Australia, Australia's Digital Pulse predicts 100,000 new IT positions in the next 5 years. 
In USA, USA Bureau of Labor Statistics say "Employment of computer and information technology occupations is projected to grow 12 percent from 2018 to 2028".
Know the skills highest in demand to plan your career going forward. 
Secret #7: IT skills can be applied in most industries
Data from Australia's Digital Pulse indicate about half of IT workers are in the IT Industry directly and half work in the other industry sectors. 
This is good for IT skilled workers as opportunities can be found in most industries. e.g IT support, IT security, information management, data analysis, web developer, networking and software specialist. 
As with any Secret, these will change and adapt over time. 
But, from my direct, day-to-day IT Jobs experience, smart Career Changers - regardless of your current situation - will take heed and apply them immediately.
By the way, if you really want to Know the TOP IT Jobs, this Free PDF Report lays it all out for you! 
IT Job Success Secrets
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